Jondi Shapour University Reaserach Plan

Jundi-Shapour Collaboration Program is a combined research program between the CISSC and the Cooperation and Cultural Affairs Department (SCAC) of the French Embassy in Iran. Launched in 2003, the program is aimed at building stronger research partnerships in the areas of science and technology between Iranian and French researchers. The program covers joint projects of Iranian and French researchers in all the academic areas especially the humanities, the social sciences, mathematics, engineering and life sciences. Calls for applications for joint research projects (new or existing projects) are jointly coordinated and processed by the CISSC in Iran and Egide agency in France. The final assessment is subject to the opinion of a joint committee from the two countries. Upon the approval of joint projects, travel expenses of Iranian researchers will be provided by the CISSC and those of the French side will be financed by Egide agency. Each year, reports will be presented of the progress of research projects and all the activities related to the publication of research papers and their results to the CISSC. The CISSC and the Cooperation and Cultural Affairs Department (SCAC) of the French embassy in Iran will be referenced in all papers. It should be noted that all research projects are only financed by the respective authorities and the CISSC only coordinates the affairs of the two sides.

The following projects are prioritized by the CISSC in Jundi-Shapour Collaboration Program:

  • Projects involving education at doctoral or post-doctoral levels;

  • Projects involving collaborations of several Iranian and French laboratories or institutions;

  • Projects which especially lead to the socio-economic development.